Our people

It is the company employees that above all determine its potential. We put utmost effort into the team building process. We carefully choose candidates, who are to join our staff. We employ creative and capable individuals who wish to develop themselves in pair with the development of the company.

We constantly make sure that our employees constitute reliable partners for doctors. Our staff constantly improves its qualifications through regular workshops conveyed by the company.

We respect individuals and we offer them equal chances. It is ambition that we promote – everyone has the path of promotion available in front of them. We believe that the care of the employee, human approach as well as honest treatment constitute the basic elements of human resource policy within a modern company.

Thanks to our philosophy we have been able to create the team of qualified professionals. Their experience and professionalism help us to be the reliable partner.


Jacek Nitecki


Karol Ptaszek

Sales Development Director


Paweł Włodarczyk

Dental Sector Director


Aleksander Mieleszko

Product Manager

+48 669 969 904

Nurwadi Hadyna

Product Manager

+48 667 955 922

Agata Pietrykowska

Key Account Manager

łódzkie, świętokrzyskie

Justyna Rutecka

Key Account Manager


Marta Flejszar

Key Account Manager

podkarpackie, małopolskie

Michał Ganowski

Key Account Manager

dolnośląskie, opolskie

Michał Horożaniecki

Key Account Manager

zachodnio-pomorskie, lubuskie, wielkopolskie

Wojciech Jabłoński

Key Account Manager

podkarpackie, lubelskie, mazowieckie

Kamil Grzechnik

Key Account Manager

śląskie, małopolskie

Katarzyna Dybkowska

Key Account Manager

mazursko-warmińskie, podlaskie, mazowieckie

Marzena Grabowska

Key Account Manager

pomorskie, kujawsko-pomorskie