Prime quality implants, made by MIS Implants Technologies Ltd. Offering variety of implant systems: V3, C1, SEVEN and M4.

dental lasers

Dental laser is an excellent substitute for surgical instruments, giving you the opportunity to completely eliminate blood and painful procedures.


Acteon’s state-of-the-art equipment makes it easy to perform safe and effective radiology procedures.

Digital Dentistry

The next step into future dentistry available now in MIS. Increasing safety and accuracy, saves time and simplifies procedures.


We offer an entire family of quality regenerative biomaterial solutions consisting of bovine, porcine and synthetic based products that offer solutions for a wide range of bone regeneration procedures.

Concentrated Growth Factors

Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF)

dental tools

Since 1908, Hu-Friedy has been putting the highest quality, most innovative dental products in the hands of dental professionals worldwide.

Dental drills

MEISINGER is a producer of dental drills and precise Bone Augmentation System solutions (known as Bone Management System) among others.

Surgical sutures

Surgical sutures from Hu-Friedy and Medipac, specifically designed for dentists ensuring efficient and reliable soft tissue closure. Ideally for implantology and periodontology treatment.

General dentistry

Quality products for endodontic, periodontology, orthodontic and prosthetic treatment from Diadent and Ribbond.

Dental units

100% of Italian units Miglionico is the perfect solution for any dental practice.

Dental devices

Reliable and safe surgical appliances from W&H, Acteon and Nouvag.