Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen

Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen consists of 90% Geistlich Bio-Oss® granules and 10% porcine collagen. The 90% of Geistlich Bio-Oss® particles provide Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen with all the advantages of the scientifically proven No 1 biomaterial in regenerative dentistry.

The additional 10% of porcine collagen make it formable and easy to handle. Its regenerative potential clearly distinguishes Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen from mere collagen plugs.

Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen is used in the most varied indications, including ridge preservation, minor bone augmentation and periodontal regeneration. The collagen is absorbed after a few weeks and does not replace the barrier function of a membrane.

Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen is “the Master’s Choice” because:

  • Added collagen in Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen improves handling and tailoring to the morphology of the defect.
  • Geistlich Bio-Oss® particles serve as a scaffold for new bone and ensure predictable bone regeneration.
  • Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen augmented tissue remains volume-stable in the long term due to the low resorption rate of the material.
  • Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen significantly improves clinical attachment and pocket depth in periodontal surgery.
  • Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen has the capacity to enable regeneration of the periodontal attachment apparatus in intrabony defects.

Handling characteristics are enhanced through the addition of 10% collagen. Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen block is easily modelled and adheres well to the defect site.


Preparation of Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen is easy:

  • Cut the Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen block to the appropriate size.
  • Apply it dry, or moisten with saline solution.
  • When moistened, mould to the desired shape.
  • Place in defect site with forceps.
  • Avoid excessive compression.

Geistlich Bio Oss® Collagen can be trimmed dry or after moistening with a scalpel or with scissors.

Geistlich Bio Oss® Collagen can be moistened with sterile saline…

…or with patient’s blood.

Geistlich Bio Oss® Collagen can easily be placed in the defect site with forceps to preserve the ridge contour. Excessive compression should be avoided (clinical case by Prof. Ronald Jung, Zurich, Switzerland).


Product Range

Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen is available in three block sizes:

Biomaterials Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen

100 mg (0.2 – 0.3 cm3)

Biomaterials Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen

250 mg (0.4 – 0.5 cm3)

Biomaterials Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen

500 mg (0.9 – 1.3 cm3)