4MATRIX – BONE Graft Cement

4MATRIX is an innovative synthetic bone grafting product developed to simplify dental bone grafting procedures. Composed of pure biphasic calcium sulfate & hydroxyapatite and characterized by a predetermined setting time and resorption rate, 4MATRIX is the preferred augmentation product for a wide variety of dental bone grafting procedures.

Revolutionary “All in One” 1cc Sterile Syringe

4MATRIX is delivered in a dual chamber pre-filled syringe, containing physiological saline solution in the first chamber and the granulated powder in the second chamber. The 2 chambers are separated by sealed plungers. Mixing the powder component with the liquid in the syringe results in a viscous composite that is suitable for injection into the graft site.

Technical info

Pure Biphasic Calcium Sulfate & Hydroxyapatite


Optimal setting time


Easy handling and placement


1CC Volume




Enables fast infiltration of blood and growth factors



Chemical Composition: 4MATRIX is uniquely composed of biphasic calcium sulfate together with hydroxyapatite granules that determine the strength and bioresorption period that beneficially influences the bone regeneration rate.

Handling: 4MATRIX is supplied in a revolutionary “all in one” 1cc sterile syringe for easy handling and placement.

Bone Regeneration: During the augmentation procedure, the biphasic calcium sulfate component of 4MATRIX remains intact in the presence of blood and saliva and stimulates bone growth when placed in contact with bone or periosteum.

Resorption Rate: 4MATRIX is composed of 2 different components. This combination takes advantage of each part of its components. The Biphasic Calcium sulfate is completely degraded in strict relation to the bone formation rate (4-10 weeks), while the hydroxyapatite acts as a longer term space maintainer.

Setting Time: When activated and placed in the defect, 4MATRIX sets in 3-5 minutes, resulting in a porous structure.

Stabilization: The formulated hydroxyapatite component contributes to the longer term space maintaining properties and provides higher mechanical strength and stabilization of the graft for newly regenerated bone.


Hold the driver’s cap firmly and push the shaft slowly towards the line marked on the driver until you feel maximal resistance (this will activate the material and prepare it for ejection).


Remove the cap by twisting and pulling it out.


Continue to push the shaft and eject the material into the required site.


After ejecting the material into the required site, place a dry gauze pad on the material and condense the material firmly for 3 seconds.


Remove the gauze and slightly shape, if required.


Press on the material once again with dry gauze.


Place the wetted gauze pad on the treated area and leave it passively for 2 minutes.


Remove the gauze and proceed with soft tissue coverage and wound closure.