June 27, 2016, the company MIS Implants Technologies announced a share purchase agreement with the company Dentsply Sirona.

As a result of negotiations between the companies, MIS Implants Technologies sold 100 percent shares. The amount of the transaction is $ 375 million. The contract provides for the preservation of the brand and the organization of MIS on all global markets. The management of the company and people responsible for guiding company’s strategy remain unchanged.

„Ownership changes in the oral implant industry are inevitable and they testify to the dynamic development of the market and its consolidation. This transaction proves that MIS is a rapidly growing company with innovative products in the premium market (eg. V-Concept), so attractive to invest in buying it. I believe that the sale of shares will bring better funding of innovative concept of MIS implant and it will be possible to achieve synergies between MIS and Dentsply Sirona, which will bring numerous benefits to both parties. According to the strategy and thanks to the continuity of distribution agreements brand MIS will remain present on the Polish market, and the company MEDIF Sp. o.o. (brand owner of MIS Poland) remains distributor of MIS.“- says Jacek Nitecki, CEO of MIS Poland.


The agreement will come into force in the next few months.